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Don’t let new business end up in your spam folder!

Receiving emails with new project requests is vital to your business. Unfortunately, sometimes, your email filters can be overzealous! Many businesses face the problem of legitimate emails ending up in the spam folder. This can lead to missed opportunities and delayed projects. Here are some tips to help ensure that your incoming business emails are not filtered as spam so that you don’t miss out on new business:

  1. Add the sender’s email to your contacts list: Adding the sender’s email to your contacts list can help prevent emails from that address being marked as spam.
  2. Check your spam folder regularly: Regularly checking your spam folder can help you identify any legitimate emails that have been filtered there. You can then mark them as “not spam” to help train your email system.
  3. If you notice any legitimate emails in your spam folder, add the sender to your whitelist. Find out how here:,all%20mail%20to%20%E2%80%9CInbox.%E2%80%9D